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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Articles: Tebow and the Left's Religious Bigotry

Articles: Tebow and the Left's Religious Bigotry: "For years, liberals have publicly denounced as "irrational hatred" the disagreement and moral disapproval conservatives have articulated towards various belief systems. That's why this Tebow situation offers a teachable moment that conservatives should not let pass by. While resisting the urge to condone and embrace destructive beliefs and behavior is not irrational or hateful, impugning millions of faithful Christians by suggesting that they will torch mosques and exile immigrants just because a football player leads his team to victory is both.
What causes it? Given that Tebow has preached no sermon, written no scathing op-ed blasting the practice of abortion, taken no public stand on the issue of gay marriage, nor endorsed the eventual presidential nominee of the Republican Party, the only plausible explanation for such absurdity is that he dares to boldly utter the name of Christ, unreserved and unashamed. If that be not bigotry, the word has no meaning.
If liberals want a real reason to despise Tim Tebow, it should be because his mere presence in the national spotlight has pulled the veil off their seething and self-evident anti-Christian bigotry."

Very well said.

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