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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Obama ad: Dude, I found my second-term agenda! « Hot Air

New Obama ad: Dude, I found my second-term agenda! « Hot Air: "This is an act of desperation on Team Obama’s part.  Until the debates, their entire strategy was to attack Mitt Romney as an unacceptable choice, as a vampire capitalist/weirdo who couldn’t possibly handle the presidency.  The decision to hold off on a second-term agenda was deliberate, as deliberate as their intent to paint Romney as The Other and toxify him so that Democrats could win a base turnout election.

Now that the debates are over, the Obama campaign belatedly realizes just how misguided that strategy turned out to be.  Now they want to rush an agenda out in order to make a positive claim for the office, because Romney turned out to be more presidential than Obama in the debates.  People will rightly ask why Obama waited until 14 days out from the election to bother to make a positive case for a second term — and come to the proper conclusion that Obama’s arrogance led him to believe he’d never have to make that case to voters at all.  He figured he was owed a second term."

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