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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Articles: The Victim of a Crime

Articles: The Victim of a Crime: "The welfare state is our enemy's supreme masterwork, a miraculous machine that takes by force the cream of America's profit and processes it, magically, into an acidic, viscous substance that clings to people and destroys them.  It then pours that destructive substance over the American people, anesthetizing them while it kills.
Best of all, from the enemy's standpoint, America itself is financing the whole thing.  Once set into motion, our enemies have only to sit back and watch, coaching here and there as necessary, or to elevate their pleasure.  In their construct, it's a steady pace toward the inevitable, and when they rewrite history a few decades from now, the blight of America will disappear forever.
Will enough Americans wake up in time to save our experiment in freedom?  Well, I hate to be pessimistic, but as the sign at the funeral parlor says, "It's Later than You Think.""

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