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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Energy Snooze Button
Jimmy Carter "solved" the energy crisis of his day by donning a wooly sweater, seating himself in front of a cozy fireplace, and lecturing the American people on energy savings. Obama's proposals are not all that much different -- only a lot more wasteful. Obama seems to have learned from his predecessor that Americans don't like the idea of shivering through the winter and carpooling to work with strangers, who for all one knows could be road-raged psychotics.

Obama has a better plan. End the nation's dependence on fossil fuels by doubling the use of wind and solar (from current .5% to 1% of our needs), subsidize electric cars (to a grand total of 1 million, or .8% of the 125 million cars on the road), and brew up a few gallons of biofuel from wood chips. At least you can't say the President is hitting the snooze button, not with all these brilliant plans in the works. He's wide awake, just delusional.

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