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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Chuck calls it right.

Best quote:
Multiculturalism culturally divides.  Affirmative action positions "underrepresented minorities" for failure in roles for which they are under-prepared.  Relentless "diversity" efforts decay into emphasis on assembling the races toward one end: the assembling of the races.  Diverse thought is diversity's main fatality.  Lopsided taxation moves income from "winners" to "losers" and teaches losers to give up the idea of winning.  Crime-reducing incarceration gets painted as an abomination, while feeble "rehabilitation" schemes are repackaged as successes.  Sermons on "building" self-esteem dismiss the importance of earning self-esteem through achievement.  Casualties of hideous political correctness occur daily, as "choice" ends the lives of tiny humans.  Dressing ugly reality in diversionary language erases no ugliness.  And now the gargantuan federal debt run up through drunken deficit spending is poised to end all of the games, ending America in the process.

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