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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Waste, Fraud & Abuse

Great post here on waste, fraud and abuse in gas prices.

The money quote:
In other words, we do have a problem with waste, abuse, and fraud.  We have wasted years in developing our own rich resources, an effort that not only would insulate us from the political shocks from political turmoil in oil-producing regimes but would also employ hundreds of thousands of Americans in high-paying jobs.  This administration in particular has abused its power, even to the extent of defying a court order, to keep American production from getting more domestic oil to the country and lowering prices through the hardly-mysterious mechanism of supply and demand.  And the fraud involved is the idea that we elected a brilliant President — instead of one who apparently needs an entire task force to understand the most basic concepts of free markets and pricing.

To this shall nothing be added or taken away.

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