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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Articles: Twilight of the Olympic Idols

Articles: Twilight of the Olympic Idols: "The Olympics are not likely to sow disaster anymore than they are to forestall it.  But if the IOC really wants to right the wrongs that pervade the world today, it would be better to actually address them rather than ignore or, worse still, legitimize them.  On the whole, it would be judicious for the IOC, as steward of the Olympic Movement, to temper its political passions and to recognize its own limitations.  The Games should not be propagandized as a performance that will dispel discord from the world; rather, they should be glorified for what they are: an event where paragons of athleticism compete on the world stage and where the human body and spirit are exalted for all to see.  By doing so, the modern Olympics would do much more to honor the legacy of the Greeks and much less to tarnish its own."

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