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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Corzine, MF Global Will Face No Criminal Charges

Corzine, MF Global Will Face No Criminal Charges: "To date, despite Barack Obama and Eric Holder’s “get tough on Wall Street” rhetoric, the Department of Justice has not charged, prosecuted, or jailed a single Wall Street executive in the wake of the largest financial collapse in U.S. history.
As the New York Times sardonically noted in its report today, the “lack of charges in the largest Wall Street blowup since 2008."

From a commenter on Breitbart:

Dems LOVE to reward criminals:
1. Bailed out Corzine who "lost' close to 2 Billion dollars of invetors' money but of course wasn't MF Global a client of Holder's?
2. Spent trillions to bail out Fat Cat bankers and rewarded Dodd and Frank who were all involved in Dem sub prime mortgage scandal
3. Spent 90 Billion on green job scams that went to Obama donors while Dems knew those businesses would collaose
4. Just gave amnesty to 2 million illegals and refuse to protect US border
5. Killed XL Pipeline and then gave business to Buffet who is billionaire supporter of Dems who owes back taxes
6. Rewarded Tim Geithner the tax cheat who also broke the law while heading NY Fed when banks colluded on interest rates with promotion
7.  Lavish Fed workers with boondoggle benefits even though US Fed workers owe billions in back taxes
8. Gave 55 million bonus to GSA which openly flaunted its lavish abuse of tax payer dollars
9. Let New Black panthers off hook for blatant voter intimidation and then said nothing over threats they made against whites, white babies and RNC
10. Dems refer to Muslim shooting at Ft Hood as work place violence and refer to gay activist shooting at FRC  as shooting against hate
These are just a few...if I listed laws broken by Zero it would take all day...Dems LOVE breaking the law

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