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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Obama’s childlike belief in the money tree « The Greenroom

Obama’s childlike belief in the money tree « The Greenroom: "There is something at once fascinating and frightening in the Obama campaign meme that the rich should be forced to “pay a little bit more.” It is featured in a current ad that contrasts this ostensibly harmless poll-tested demand with Mitt Romney’s heartless desire to give his rich buddies (and himself) a bigger tax break.

The attitude on the part of the president is nothing new. In April, long before the election season was in full swing but long after it was clear that shovel-ready didn’t necessarily mean shovel-ready, he laid out his revised deficit and debt reduction plan. He told an audience at George Washington University that “the rich can afford to give back a little bit more.” Notice that the wording is give back not give, as though tax revenues are monies that belong to the government in the first place."

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