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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Twenty-eight years later, it’s finally 1984 « The Greenroom

Twenty-eight years later, it’s finally 1984 « The Greenroom: "It is more than analytically flawed for the Obama administration to focus on the “Bacile” video.  It is so superficial and convenient as to appear cynical, as if the video is the readiest excuse to hand for the administration’s bizarre, twilight behavior.  This approach puts American liberty on the spot, rather than recognizing that there are hostile as well as friendly forces at work in the Arab Spring, and that they showed their intentions in flashing neon on 9/11 last week.  The Obama administration’s posture on this development seems to argue a colossal lack of knowledge, understanding, and analysis.  Indeed, it comes off as an ideology-accelerated “war is peace” fairy tale."

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