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Friday, October 5, 2012

Articles: Why Obama Sticks in my Craw

Articles: Why Obama Sticks in my Craw: "We seem to have been told one thing, and time has proven it untrue.  Is this not emblematic of this entire Obama administration and the past four years?
And one more final untruth.  Bill Daley suddenly leaves his chief of staff position after a short stint and apparently a shocking "peek" behind the curtain.  But not to worry; Daley will chair Obama's campaign.  But as time made us forget the NYC Air Force One story, we seem to not notice that Bill Daley is not Obama's campaign manager.  Perhaps the exit from chief of staff was not as it was pretended to be.  Perhaps the NYC flyby was indeed "megalomaniacal recreation."  Maybe that phrase best describes the past four years.  Megalomaniacal recreation.

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