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Sunday, February 27, 2011

There's a Lesson Here

American Thinker: Welcome to Brazil: Lessons for the American People to Learn: "If there is a cautionary tale about the Brazilian economy, it is that here one can see the future -- the American future. Not only are huge chunks of the economy being nationalized like in Brazil, but you will find you have to pay to play if you want to get off the ground floor. The dark side to Big Government, no matter how well-meaning in concept, is that it can squeeze anybody it wants at any time it chooses and it squeezes at will if you don't get into line.

Both parties soon will offer everything to everybody in order to buy a vote. We already saw that in the 2008 presidential election when even the leading Republican candidates insanely wanting to 'fight for the American people' with more programs and more government. Without immediate correction from Tea Party-types, America and Brazil will soon share the same fate, only they are going in opposite directions toward economic gridlock."

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