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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Clinton rejects Obamanomics, embraces Reaganomics - Conservative News

Clinton rejects Obamanomics, embraces Reaganomics - Conservative News: " The great Clinton economy began when he embraced the essence of Reaganomics: tax cuts, spending restraint, welfare reform, free trade and the end of his own budget-crushing entitlement program, universal health care.

Clinton, it is mostly forgotten, was on the verge of becoming a failed president in his
first two years.  Even the Democratic-controlled Congress had defeated his much touted stimulus package and an enormous hike in energy taxes.  HillaryCare, the forerunner to Obamacare, was dead in the water by the summer of 1994, with the Senate Democrats hoisting the white flag on this signature issue on the eve of the Congressional elections.

Clinton’s most significant achievement was a huge but unpopular tax rate increase that Obama seems determined to duplicate.  So unappealing was his record, the Republicans swept both houses of Congress in November for the first time in four decades."

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