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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Michael Moore: No Obama Didn't Save Detroit | NewsBusters.org

Michael Moore: No Obama Didn't Save Detroit | NewsBusters.org: ""One recent poll here showed Romney leading Obama by four points! How can that be? Didn't Obama save Detroit?"

Moore answered his own question, "No, he didn't. He saved General Motors and Chrysler."

"'Detroit' (and Flint and Pontiac and Saginaw)," continued Moore, "are not defined by the global corporations who suck our towns dry and then split town to make more money elsewhere (except, of course, they continued to design and built crap cars, so eventually they didn't make the money at all). These cities in Michigan are about the people who live here, and in the process of 'saving Detroit,' Mr. Obama had to fire thousands of these people, and reduce the benefits and pensions of those who were left.""

Looking bad for the LightWorker...

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